Wedding Bathroom Baskets & Flip Flop Baskets

Bathroom Baskets add a special touch to the big day. Having these little things such as a safety pin, or some hollywood tape at the ready may avert a guests disaster! Or they may just need a touch up and use the hairspray or deodorant. What ever the need they look impressive and are practical too.


And for a more personal touch, you can add a poem beside the basket which will not only impress guests but also gives you a chance to say “here use these” without being there. There are a few variations on the poem out there but the one i like is:

Were so happy you’re here to share our special day,

But should something happen to go astray,

Please help yourself to the contents within,

Hairspray, hand lotion and even a bobby pin!

Use what you need and leave the rest,

It may be useful to another guest.

So repair the damage that may have been done,

Then hurry on back and join the fun!

Compliments of the Newlyweds

You can frame this and put it next to the basket!


We all know the feeling when you go to function, spend all day in the fancy new shoes you bought, only to be barefoot by the end of the night. Weddings are a major event, of course by the end of the night your feet are going to be begging you for a foot massage. This is why the Flip Flop Basket is a great idea! Nothing is worse than being in heels all day, the balls of your feet swollen from all the pressure and then we walk barefoot on hard floors.

Setting up a place where you can place a box and having a range of sizes and choice of colour will be a hit for sure!flip_flop_basket

You can always place a poem next to the box that would read:

Bought new shoes to

Match your dress and

 Now your feet feel sore?

Please help yourself to

A pair of flip flops

 So you can dance some more!

Such great ideas to add to your special day, your guests will be kicking themselves they didnt think of it first!